Good ol’ governor? Blaine Young ponders a run

I dont plan to be a phony, commissioners president says
Frederick News Post
Pete McCarthy
Blaine Young knows he would be an underdog, but the Frederick County Commissioners president announced Thursday he will explore a run for governor in 2014. Young, a Republican, has made plenty of trips to Annapolis to testify on behalf of Frederick County residents, he said, and he is ready to see if statewide office is the next step. "I think everyone is frustrated and disgusted with what's going on in Annapolis," Young said. "I've gone all over the state to many counties. People are clamoring for someone to get behind and people have encouraged me to run." Maryland residents are tired of taxes and regulations, Young said. "My record is crystal clear," he said. "Frederick County has shown it can live within its means." One vote is all it would take, he said. As governor, he would promise to veto all tax or fee increases. His plan for running? "I'm going to be me," Young said. "I don't plan to be a phony. I just plan to give people straight answers and give them action."