Solarize Frederick County news

Frederick News Post
As a special initiative of the Frederick County Green Homes Challenge, Solarize Frederick County aimed to increase installation of residential solar electric and hot water systems throughout Frederick County with volume purchase discounts and local incentive grants. To take advantage of these incentives, residents had to sign up for a solar assessment during the time — limited enrollment period and wrap up all contracts by Sept. 30. Sixty-nine households took advantage of the program. The households are installing 72 solar energy systems — 66 solar electric systems and 12 solar hot water systems. The households participating in Solarize Frederick County will be installing a capacity of 547 kilowatt (kW) equivalents; that equates to the production of approximately 656,400 kilowatt-hours each year. The Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources began informing residents about the Solarize initiative in late 2012. Nearly 500 households expressed interest in the program; of these, 308 attended Solarize informational workshops, and 347 requested solar assessments of their homes.

New Frederick Green Homes Challenge website launches

Frederick News Post
A new online tool will help Frederick County residents save money, adopt environmentally friendly practices and use renewable energy. The Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources, or OSER, launched the new website on May 17. takes the Green Homes Challenge, a home-certification program previously operated through handbooks and paper forms, and puts it in a comprehensive online format.