Two former mayors now in running for Frederick’s top spot

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Jen Bondeson
Frederick’s last two mayors and current mayor are now in the running to lead the city for the next four years. Jeff Holtzinger, who was mayor from 2005 to 2009, filed Wednesday to run against Mayor Randy McClement in the Sept. 10 Republican primary election. Jennifer Dougherty, who was mayor before Holtzinger, is also in the running. She has registered as an unaffiliated candidate and will compete in the general election Nov. 5. State Delegate Galen Clagett, D-District 3A, and Alderwoman Karen Young have also filed to run for mayor. They will square off in a Democratic primary. Candidates have until July 2 to file for the primary.

Holtzinger announces candidacy for mayor

Frederick News Post
Jen Bondeson
Former Frederick mayor Jeff Holtzinger has filed to run for the city's top spot again. Holtzinger (R) filed Wednesday to run for mayor in the city's Nov. 5 general election. He served as Frederick's mayor from 2005 to 2009. When he left office in 2009, Holtzinger said he did not expect to run again.

Wal-Mart, zoning and blight among topics pondered by city officials

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Ed Waters Jr.
ssues ranging from a proposed downtown hotel to a Wal-Mart on the Golden Mile were informally discussed Friday by Frederick's mayor and aldermen at a meeting with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce. "If the same plan came in without the Wal-Mart name, people would support it," said Alderwoman Shelley Aloi of a proposal to put the big-box store at the former Frederick Towne Mall site on the west side of the city. "It is not our decision to say who goes into a property, it is up to the property owner and the market," Aloi said. "Is the best use for the property residential? No. There is already dense residential use in that area." Alderman Michael O'Connor and others moved to dispel the notion that all businesses on the Golden Mile stretch of U.S. 40 are hurting."Just go out there and see the traffic and the businesses," O'Connor said.

[City of Frederick Planning] Commission to review Wal-Mart proposal

Frederick News Post
Wal-Mart's proposal for the Frederick Towne Mall property gets another review Monday. The Frederick Planning Commission, with a packed agenda, will consider Wal-Mart's proposal to tear down the mall at 1301 W. Patrick St., leave Boscov's, Ollie's Bargain Outlet and Home Depot as they are, and build a Wal-Mart on the north side of the 40-acre site. The commission meets at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Board Room at 101 N. Court St.

Wal-Mart plan for Frederick Towne Mall moves forward

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Patti S. Borda
A redevelopment plan that includes pedestrian paths, gardens, interconnected shopping centers and a Wal-Mart at the site of the Golden Mile's Frederick Towne Mall is a step closer to reality. The property's owner said Wednesday at the board's workshop that the city will have to rezone the site at 1301 W. Patrick St. to general commercial zoning if it wants to see that redevelopment plan — or anything better — start at the vacant mall. The Board of Aldermen found more tweaks they would like to see to the proposal, all in an effort, they said, to get closer to their ideal vision for the area's redevelopment.

Frederick residents spar over plan to build new Walmart on Golden Mile

About 150 attend meeting at empty mall to hear developers
Tripp Laino
The Frederick Planning Commission recommended at a March meeting that the aldermen reject the zoning change. It’s the third time the plans have been presented publicly, with vocal opponents and proponents of the plan to replace the nearly empty Frederick Towne Mall sparring at previous meetings, and online on social media sites. An online petition drive on the website has nearly 1,500 signatures, with residents urging the aldermen not to approve the zoning change.

Frederick Zoning Board of Appeals member files to run for alderman

Dacey: ‘I want to see the right kind of growth when it comes to Frederick’
Tripp Laino
Frederick Zoning Board of Appeals member Philip Dacey has joined the expanding list of candidates vying for a spot on Frederick’s Board of Aldermen. Dacey, 34, a Republican, said he grew up in Frederick, graduating from Gov. Thomas Johnson High School in 1996. He is currently director of external affairs at the Motor Vehicle Administration, and is formerly a lawyer. He said his primary reason for running for the board was concern over the city’s growth, and making sure that the city grows responsibly.

Former Frederick planning commissioner files for aldermen

Democrat Josh Bokee, 39, joins nine others as field grows for city board race
Tripp Laino
Former city planning commission member Josh Bokee has joined a growing field of candidates vying for a seat on the five-member Frederick Board of Aldermen. Bokee, 39, a Democrat who has lived in the city for nine years, said his experience as a member of the Frederick Planning Commission would aid him in his run for alderman.

Clagett announces run for mayor of Frederick

Delegate has served 11 years in the House, eight as county commissioner
Tripp Laino
State Del. Galen Clagett is hoping to trade his post in Annapolis for one closer to his hometown as mayor of Frederick. “I’ve got a real investment in the city and what goes on in Frederick city,” said Clagett (D-Dist. 3A). “Without sounding too egotistical, I’m going to bring a lot to the table. I have a huge history in public and private life; I have good contacts at the state level and can work with a new county executive. All of that can help us build a great city.” Frederick County will shift from a board of commissioners to a voter-approved charter government in 2014, with a county executive and council.


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Even Blaine Young's own stepmother said the tone of his emails was so nasty that she had to restrain herself from responding. But we won't. The reason is that constituents should demand that their elected officials are civil and treat each other with respect, even when they disagree. Maybe the commissioners president was just having a bad day when he fired off several emails to the Frederick mayor and Board of Aldermen on the morning of June 8. We suspect, however, it's more likely that this is just one more example of how the self-proclaimed "good ol' boy" deals with people he disagrees with. In case you missed it, Young, who is a co-owner of a taxi service in Frederick, was ticked -- and that's putting it mildly -- that the city held a public hearing and raised fares by 30 cents per mile the night before, according to the email exchange, reported last Friday in The Frederick News-Post. Young said he didn't show up at the meeting (as the city's other taxi companies did) because it would just "piss me off," and he asserted in an electronic exchange that the city should have no control over taxi rates.

Young sounds off in emails: Spars with alderman over taxi-rate hikes

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Courtney Pomeroy and Patti S. Borda
A string of emails from Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young, as taxi business owner, to Frederick city aldermen struck some of them as disrespectful and ineffective. "Oh, what a nasty email train," Alderwoman Karen Young said. "The tone of his correspondence was just so inappropriate. I had to restrain myself from responding." Blaine Young is a co-owner of Yellow Cab and sent emails from a cab company email address to the mayor and Board of Aldermen after they voted June 7 to raise taxicab fares from $1.60 to $1.90 per mile. He did not attend the public hearing on the matter, but said in his email that the city should have no control over taxi rates. "I did not come on purpose and I should not watched the meeting because all it did was piss me off with all the miss information (sic) with the taxi cab industry," he wrote June 8. "(W)hy are you involved in setting taxi cab rates?" he wrote. "You do not set the price of a hamburger, a loaf of bread, the price of milk. ... No government money is involved in our business." He questioned the aldermen's business experience. "Get your nose out of the taxi cab business and that include (sic) the number of permits," he wrote.