Solar farm being considered for Myersville

Frederick News Post
Ike Wilson
The Myersville Town Council pondered a conceptual plan for a solar farm Tuesday that would provide 70 percent to 80 percent of the municipal government’s daily electric needs. The project will entail several steps, Town Administrator Kristin Aleshire said, including identifying a suitable property for the undertaking, vetting the proposal publicly so residents are aware and identifying private investment to fund the venture. The viability of making the project is there, Aleshire said; it’s a matter of identifying private investment. “We’re not envisioning financing the project ourselves,” Aleshire said. Mayor Wayne Creadick Jr. said the town has already had some good discussions with RER Energy Group, the same firm that nearby Middletown officials are considering for their solar project.

Myersville considers mandatory recycling to save money

Connor Adams Sheets
Following in the footsteps of Thurmont and New Market, Myersville's mayor and town council are considering a mandatory recycling ordinance aimed at reducing trash output by residents. Such an ordinance would benefit the county, as well as the town, according to Myersville town manager Kristin Aleshire. "I think it would provide two distinct benefits," he explained. "One is keeping recyclable material out of the county landfill, and two is reducing the amount and cost of trash hauling on the town contract. If those two directives could be achieved, I think it will lead to other benefits down the road as well."