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here are 190 certified backyard wildlife habitats in Frederick County. Judging by the testimonials that appeared in FNP reporter Pete McCarthy's Sunday story, "Nature for rent," these habitats are as valuable to those who maintain them as they are to the creatures they were created for.Human beings, including many here in Frederick County, are losing their physical connection and emotional bond to the natural world. Increasingly, daily life is spent in office buildings, cars and malls; TV, cell phones and the Internet are our passions. That's a real shame -- for both us and nature.

Nature for rent

Residents encouraged to create wildlife habitats
Frederick News Post
Pete McCarthy
Maryland natural resources officials and the National Wildlife Federation are pushing for more residents to slow the loss of wildlife habitats. Following just four simple guidelines is enough to qualify. Residents must look to provide food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young, David Mizejewski, a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation, said. The backyard program has been in existence nearly 40 years, with more than 150,000 certified around the country.

All creatures great and small

Maryland’s amphibians, reptiles need your eyes, ears
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Karen Gardner
Turtles, snakes, frogs and toads are the poster species for the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas. But there are others that also need to be recorded. Salamanders and lizards are just as important in the greater ecosystem. Wayne Hildebrand wants to make sure they are all counted.

Game official: Coyote sightings to rise

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Susan Guynn
This is the time of year when reports of coyote and black bear increase, said Harry Spiker, game mammal section leader with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Wildlife & Heritage Service in Oakland. Coyote and black bear populations are increasing, he said, so it's only natural that more people would be catching glimpses of them.
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