Afzali turns down alternate seat on growth task force

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Bethany Rodgers
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Date Published: 11/17/2013

Maryland Delegate Kathy Afzali on Friday rejected an invitation to serve as an alternate member on the county task force discussing local growth issues. She had previously volunteered to join the work group, but Sen. David Brinkley asked Delegate Galen Clagett to take a seat on the panel instead. Brinkley questioned Afzali’s impartiality on the issue of creating a transfer tax, an idea she has said she opposes. Clagett, D-District 3A, is unable to attend Tuesday’s kickoff meeting of the task force, so Brinkley on Friday sent Afzali an email asking her to represent the Frederick County legislative delegation for that day. But for Afzali, R-4A, serving as an alternate wasn’t going to cut it. However, she said she will attend all task force meetings as a member of the audience. “Delegate Clagett doesn’t have the time to devote to this very important topic,” Afzali said. “I do have the time because I will be there. So maybe it’s just time to appoint me the representative on the task force for the delegation.”