An ear to the ground on Frederick land use decisions

Source: Gazette
Author: Danielle Elaine Manos
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Date Published: 06/21/2012
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How can Commissioner Blaine Young expect to run for governor when the state is already concerned with how he runs our county? A recent letter from the Maryland Department of Planning to our county commissioners is very telling ( “State again condemns county’s land-use plan,” June 1), as they are concerned that our board of commissioners did not give the public enough time to form an opinion over their new rezoning plan, which could have a monumental impact on our wallets, our landscape, our schools and more. I cannot say if I am for or against this new plan, but by the time the public learns of its impacts it will be too late. If Commissioner Young does not allow constituents within his own county to adequately participate in decision-making, how can we expect him to run Maryland with the state’s best interest in mind?”