Baby’s no longer on board

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Matt Edens
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Date Published: 04/30/2012

Frederick’s clustered spires are a proud symbol of the city’s past, but do they also bode well for its future? The thought came to me the other day while reading a news story about, of all things, the automobile industry. A business piece in The Atlantic, it chronicled how carmakers are struggling to connect with the youth market, specifically Gen Y, the millennials born between approximately 1980 and the early 2000s. Roughly 80 million strong, they’re the largest demographic cohort in American history, outnumbering even their baby-boomer parents. And since they’re now entering their car driving and buying years in large numbers, they represent the next major market for carmakers. There’s one just one problem. The under-30 set, many of whom spent their formative years being chauffeured from play date to soccer practice in station wagons and SUVs festooned with “Baby on Board” stickers, isn’t all that keen on moving up to the driver’s seat.