Bad for the air

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Austin Twigg
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Date Published: 02/15/2013

The American Lung Association gives Frederick County’s air quality an “F.” Believe it or not, Frederick’s air quality is significantly worse than Baltimore City. So what do our local legislators do? Led by Sen. David Brinkley, they write a letter in support of building a trash incinerator on Buckeystown Pike, just south of Westview Shopping Center, and within a couple of miles of 11 schools. The incinerator will be permitted to emit 10 million pounds of particulate matter per year, including mercury, lead and dioxin. These emissions are in very small particles that can lead to serious health problems and environmental damage as they accumulate and persist in the air, water, land and our bodies. In addition to worsening our air quality, Frederick County taxpayers will be responsible for the $500 million to construct the plant. Repayment is guaranteed by your system benefit charge on your property tax bill. Research the incinerator yourself and once you see what a bad deal it is, contact your local representative and tell them to terminate the contract.