Boulder dash: A rush to judgment?

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Don Kornreich
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Date Published: 06/29/2008

Some resident-advocates have been strongly urging the Frederick Board of County Commissioners to take a closer look at recycling. Their objective (as I understand it) is to convince the BoCC to adopt an expanded recycling program instead of the proposed incineration facility, which could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Looking at alternatives to the expenditure of such a large sum, as well as considering the benefits of recycling verses incineration are laudatory goals. So, what is my concern? It is not with the BoCC undertaking a full review to gain all the information it can before making a decision in a matter of such vital importance to Frederick County. Rather, it is with the process by which the “review” has been proceeding; and, more importantly, how it will proceed in the future. One anti-incineration advocate who is very familiar with Boulder, Colo.’s recycling program, and Eco-Cycle a company involved in that program, has been in contact with the BoCC, especially with Commissioner Kai Hagen. These interactions resulted in the advocate arranging a trip to Boulder for several Frederick and Frederick County officials to meet with people involved in Boulder’s program. Commissioner Hagen was so impressed with what he heard and saw that he has proposed having an Eco-Cycle executive come to Frederick to make a follow-up presentation.