Burnt Out

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Katherine Heerbrandt
Article Type:
Date Published: 12/03/2008

‘m not wild about writing yet another column on the waste-to-energy discussion. I stick with it not only out of a sense of moral obligation and civic duty, but in the sincere hope that someday Frederick County will get the answers it needs to make the right choice. Then everyone on both sides of the debate will form a circle, join hands and sing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” just like in that old hippy-dippy Coke commercial. OK, that’s never going to happen. But come on, we’re talking three years that this issue’s been in the news. It’s certain that county staff’s been working at it much longer. And yet we still don’t know with certainty how much it’s going to cost to build and operate, where it will be located, or whether Frederick County will produce enough trash to feed the gaping mouth of the mass-burn beast we’ve come to know as WTE. Will it be a 1,500-ton incinerator or a 900-ton incinerator? With or without hauling Carroll County’s garbage into the county, coming up with 1,500 tons of trash a day is no small feat. So will the county one day be forced to advertise outside its borders with slogans like, Your Trash is Our Treasure; You Bring it, We Burn it; or Got Trash? And I still can’t get a logical answer to this burning question: How are aggressive recycling efforts compatible with the WTE’s exceptionally large appetite for traditional recyclables like plastics and paper?