Citizens Group Raises Concerns About Residential Development

Source: WFMD
Author: Kevin McManus
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Date Published: 09/29/2013

The discussion over 8300 new homes planned for the Monrovia is heating up. Members of Residents Against Landsdale Expansion say they’re worried about that many homes in their neighborhood. which they say it could increase traffic on Route 75, which can’t handle it, and overcrowd area schools. RALE President Steve McKay also says he’s worried about a campaign contribution to Frederick County Commissioners’ President Blaine Young during the 2010 election. McKay says the developer of the Monrovia Town Center, his wife, and four limited liability companies gave a total of $24,000 to Young’s campaign. Two weeks later, the developer filed an application for the project. “When you can so specifically tie a contributor with a development application, that may make a world of difference legally, but I don’t think it makes a wit of difference to people on the outside looking in who say ‘hey, that’s a conflicted situation.'” McKay says. He notes it’s legal, but it’s not ethical. RALE asks in a news release whether there’s a conflict of interest when Young accepts money from a developer whose application he will preside over.