Citizens/Montevue: Then and now

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Charles F. Trunk III
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Date Published: 04/30/2013

It is useful to remember that the Brunner family sold the property to the county when the county was looking to build a new and larger almshouse — a county home for the care of all displaced citizens of the time: orphans, widows, the disabled, the mentally ill and yes, the elderly with no place else to go. Mr. and Mrs. Brunner and the members of the Levy Court (today’s commissioners) knew that and wrote that purpose into the deed. From then on, such services have been provided continuously to this day. As other state and local providers for various human service needs were developed over the years, individuals were moved from care at Montevue, but services to the elderly remained. Has the county used the Montevue property for other purposes? Yes, it has, and every one of these functions serves the citizens of Frederick County every day. Never before has a board of commissioners attempted to sell a portion of the property to a private company. And, by the way, sell such prime road frontage for much less than its value. The residents of Frederick County need to know two important facts. The first is that the existence of Montevue as the only assisted living option available for poor senior citizens is tied directly to Citizens Care & Rehabilitation Center being owned by Frederick County. There is no private business that can or will keep Montevue open to serve the poor. There is simply no profit to be made there. As soon as the last current resident dies, or is relocated or goes to the hospital, Montevue as we know it will cease to exist, ending a nearly 200-year history of service to the elderly poor of this county.