‘Coalitions’ an ineffective way to spend taxpayer money

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 06/17/2013

t’s hard not to see the $25,000 the Frederick County Commissioners have allocated to a coalition of rural counties to resist the so-called, state imposed “rain tax” as a waste of money. It’s understandable the county board is agog at the total cost to Frederick County for its part in cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay — a staggering $1.88 billion by 2025. But in light of how tight the commissioners have repeatedly protested the budget is — the maintenance of effort allocation to schools, the cuts and gradual attrition to zero of grants to emergency need nonprofits, the aggressive push to sell Citizens and Montevue because of the money it will free up — the $25,000 to pursue a purely political lobbying effort is a questionable investment.