County forging ahead with incinerator

Subtitle: Public hearing on the project set for today
Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Pete McCarthy
Article Type:
Date Published: 12/07/2011

Frederick County is forging ahead with a waste-to-energy incinerator despite some hesitation from its partner in the project.
Carroll County, which can opt out of the multimillion-dollar deal once final costs are determined next year, remains on the fence about whether it will stay on board. “We understand they are taking a look at the whole project,” Michael Marschner, special projects manager for the county, said during a meeting Tuesday with the editorial board at The Frederick News-Post. “They need to make whatever decision is right for their county.” Should Carroll County pass on the opportunity, it would leave Frederick County on the hook. “If you don’t have another equity partner, I think the project stalls,” Marschner said.