County residents have few options in annexation proposal

Source: Gazette
Author: Ingrid Mezo
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Date Published: 05/04/2006

The community shouldn’t wait in opposing the annexation of the 235-acre Myers farm into Thurmont town limits, according Frederick Regional Action Network executive director Kai Hagen. Hagen, a Thurmont area resident, is also running for a seat on the Frederick Board of County Commissioners. “…Our government functions better, and represents our broader community interests better, when more people are more informed and more involved,” Hagen said in an e-mail to The Gazette. “In this instance, working to inform more people, and encourage them to get involved, is not something that starts on the day the developer submits a formal request for annexation. And it’s not something that distinguishes whether or not someone lives and votes in town.” Once a formal annexation request is made, those opposing the annexation will have 45 days to get 668 signatures from town residents on a petition to force a referendum. Those who live near the Myers farm, but outside town limits, will not be able to sign a petition for referendum or vote on it.