Environmentalists urge Frederick delegate to switch ‘black liquor’ vote

Subtitle: County delegate says he won’t back bill to halt paper mill energy credits
Source: Gazette
Author: Sherry Greenfield
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Date Published: 04/04/2013

Despite pressure from a local global-warming group, Del. Galen Clagett of Frederick said he has no intention of changing his vote on a bill to stop financial rewards for paper mills that burn a tar-like substance called “black liquor” to generate power. The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is working feverishly to convince Clagett (D-Dist. 3A) to change his vote before the Maryland General Assembly adjourns its legislative session Monday night. “There is still time for him to change his mind,” said James McGarry, the network’s policy analyst, at a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Frederick. “I hope he will change his mind.”