Expert: Billing saps Citizens Care revenue

Subtitle: Former nursing home officer presents analysis to League of Women Voters
Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Bethany Rodgers
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Date Published: 06/15/2013

Under-billing for Medicaid payments is preventing Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center from turning a profit, a former nursing home officer said Friday. Melanie Cox’s analysis found that if Citizens started collecting per-patient revenue at the rates of comparable centers, the facility would end up with a $2.8 million surplus in the second year. Cox presented her findings at a meeting organized by the League of Women Voters of Frederick County to discuss the potential privatization of Citizens and Montevue Assisted Living, two facilities now owned by the county. A Millersville-based company, Aurora Health Management, has extended a $30 million offer to buy the two centers. Frederick County’s commissioners are exploring the sale as a way to eliminate the annual county subsidies required to sustain the centers. However, Cox said that, with some billing changes, the centers could become profitable, as evidenced by the fact that a private company wants to buy them. “I guarantee Aurora is not going into this thinking they will lose money,” said Cox, former officer of Meridian Nursing Center.