Far too far

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 12/28/2011

Commissioners President Blaine Young’s recent comment, the one that indicates he will remake the planning commission, is a worryingly arrogant demonstration. His attitude to this board of volunteers carries consequences far beyond the minor annoyances of their recent activism. Young, speaking at a public meeting, implies no opposition will be brooked in his push for zero barriers for Frederick County’s building industry: “I can guarantee you, in July, you’re going to have a drastically different planning commission.” Young and the county board have been at odds over revisions to the county’s comprehensive plan, which governs land use over the next 20 years. The commissioners promised to overturn what they considered the previous board’s unfair downzonings. The planning commission balked, called the process a sham, and refused to conduct hearings. Now Young is threatening to replace the two planning commission members behind the opposition when their terms are up next year. We assume he means with two pro-growth rubber stamps.