Frederick County commissioner explores run for governor

Subtitle: County commissioner forms fundraising committee
Source: Gazette
Author: Ryan Marshall
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Date Published: 05/31/2012

With Maryland’s gubernatorial election more than two years away, Frederick County Commissioner Blaine R. Young is hoping the process of earning the top spot in Annapolis will start to come together in the next few days. A campaign website is expected to launch in the next week, about the same time the first direct mail advertisements are scheduled to go out. Young (R) has formed a committee to raise money for a possible campaign for governor in 2014, although he is not yet an official candidate.To appear on a primary ballot, a candidate must file a certificate of candidacy with the state board of elections. He has a fundraiser scheduled in Frederick next week where he hopes to raise about $100,000 in financial commitments, and plans to have one in Bethesda sometime in the next month. He said he plans to stage a variety of fundraisers, from informal house parties and happy hour get-togethers to more formal affairs throughout the state. The fundraising calendar will be important, because Young has committed himself to raising at least $300,000 in the next four months, and said he’ll step aside if he can’t reach that goal.