Future of commuting nightmarish

Source: Gazette
Author: Sherry Greenfield
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Date Published: 05/17/2007

The future of commuting in Frederick County looks bleak. People will drive farther to jobs on inadequate roads, and there is little anyone can do about it. That is the outlook some planners with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments presented at a forum Monday organized by the Frederick Area Committee on Transportation. The committee invited the Washington Council of Governments to meet with Frederick county and city elected officials, developers and land-use attorneys to talk about ways to ease traffic. “We have some ideas, and we’re also asking people to give us their own ideas,” said John Swanson, a senior transportation planner with the Council of Governments. “… People always ask us ‘is traffic getting worse?’ And the answer is yes. We don’t want to fool people that we have all the answers.”