Going with the flow on the Golden Mile

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 07/11/2013

Frederick has asked the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments for $35,000 to fund a traffic study of the Golden Mile. According to Frederick County traffic engineer Ron Burns, MCOG’s Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the proposal and recommended approving it, so right now it looks like a go. This is very good news, because vehicle, transit and pedestrian traffic is a major consideration in the new vision for this commercial area that the city and Golden Mile Alliance have forged. It is vital to the alliance’s goal to “ … ensure that the Golden Mile is an attractive, diverse, and highly dynamic, mixed-use commercial corridor with top retail, office, and service uses linked by safe pedestrian routes to healthy residential neighborhoods and parks.” Currently, the flow of all manner of traffic on the Golden Mile needs attention — particularly for bike riders and pedestrians. Despite efforts to improve safety and efficiency, it’s obvious that some new vision is called for. Among other issues, the study would likely examine the pros and cons of creating a dedicated bus lane. It should, because the Golden Mile corridor in heavily traveled and many who work and live in the area need or choose to use public transportation. Traffic flow also needs to conform to and facilitate the small-area plan that has been the centerpiece of the revitalization plan for the Golden Mile. As envisioned by the Frederick Planning Department, the concept is dedicated to making the Golden Mile corridor “walkable, connected, vibrant, safe, complete, attractive and sustainable.”