Group proposes alternate trash disposal plan

Source: Gazette
Author: Sherry Greenfield
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Date Published: 03/13/2008

A trash advisory group in Frederick County will unveil an alternate plan to the county’s proposal to build an incinerator. The plan will be unveiled at a series of presentations beginning Monday. “This alternative plan is designed to capture recyclable material on the front end before it becomes part of the waste stream, substantially reducing the current amount of trash going to our landfill or needing to be exported or incinerated,” said Steve Cassis, of the Solid Waste Analysis Group (SWAG). Friends of Frederick County, a land protection group that has been vocal in its opposition to an incinerator, is sponsoring the presentations. Janice Wiles, executive director of Friends, said since incineration has been on the table for Frederick County, alternative plans have not been considered. The alternative plan includes the building of a ‘‘Material Recovery Facility,” a specialized plant that accepts, separates and prepares recyclable materials to be sold on the open market, composting commercial and household waste and better disposal of construction debris and electronic items. Incineration opponents believe increased recycling will reduce the need to burn trash and reject incineration as harmful to the environment and too costly for county taxpayers. They consider their plan to be cheaper and cleaner.