Head Start not in a better place

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Shannon Aleshire
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Date Published: 07/28/2013

The editorial in the Sunday, July 14 edition of the Frederick News-Post reflects on the end of the county’s privatization and used the “spin-free” example of the Head Start program. The editorial states that the Head Start program covers the same number of children in a reliable operation without county funding. This is true. The YMCA is federally mandated to serve the same number of children with the funds they receive. The question is: Does our community want to use the number of children served as the singular measure of success for a critically important early childhood program? If we used the same type of thinking for our pubic schools then we would say they served the same number of children as last year, therefore, they must be successful. Instead, I would suggest that the community look a little deeper. The early childhood community applauds the YMCA for stepping up to take on this valuable program. It is unrealistic to think that a program receiving $2 million less in financial support can offer the same programming and produce the same results.