Housing development still faces many hurdles

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Pamela Rigaux
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Date Published: 08/08/2006

Urbana developer Natelli Communities has received approval from the county commissioners to build up to 500 homes on 181.42 acres just north of Urbana on Md. 355. The commissioners voted last week to allow the tract between the community park and Park Mills Road, previously designated an employment corridor, to be developed with new dwellings — condos, townhomes, apartments and senior housing. The vote was 4-1, with Commissioner John L. Thompson the sole dissenter. “The rezoning will worsen school overcrowding,” Mr. Thompson said in an interview later. “Frederick County’s going to be a laughingstock, when people in the state look at research parks and there’s nothing but garden apartments.” Erik Soter, the county’s assistant planning director, predicted it would be two years before Natelli breaks ground and an additional four or five to complete the project because of all the government approvals the developer will need. One approval may be particularly hard to come by, he said. The county mandates that new homes must not generate more students than the local schools can accommodate, and Urbana High School is filled.