Lawsuit attempts to block Citizens, Montevue sale

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Bethany Rodgers
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Date Published: 08/20/2013

Assisted-living residents, charitable givers and several others have filed a lawsuit against Frederick County commissioners seeking to prevent two county-owned care centers from being sold to a for-profit company. The five-count complaint lodged Friday in Frederick County Circuit Court argues that county commissioners have no authority by state law to privatize Montevue Assisted Living and Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center. The plaintiffs also contend that handing the facilities over to a company will deprive the community of a safety net for its elderly citizens. “The Commissioners, over strenuous public opposition, and without undertaking any analysis as to public need, agreed to sell this property to a private company having no obligation to care for those who cannot afford it,” the complaint stated.This is the second court challenge initiated by opponents of the county’s $30 million sale agreement with Aurora Health Management. However, Friday’s lawsuit is more detailed and has a longer list of complainants than the previous filing, said Leslie Powell, attorney for the plaintiffs.