Md. reports on county growth law compliance

Source: The Daily Record
Author: Associated Press
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Date Published: 02/04/2013

Land development maps adopted by Frederick and Cecil counties have “largely ignored” a state law designed to limit septic system growth to fight pollution, according to a state report. But the law does not allow the state to mandate changes to the plans. The Maryland Department of Planning said in the report, released Friday, that the two counties have failed to designate much land that wouldn’t allow major residential subdivisions that rely on septic systems. “This approach essentially neutralizes the impact of the law,” the report concluded. “This will allow many more major subdivisions on septic and result in significant land consumption and water pollution impacts.” The law passed last year by the General Assembly creates a four-tiered system limiting where residential subdivisions on septic systems can be built. Officials in Frederick and Cecil counties have decried the law as overreaching.