Monrovia Town Center Hearing Packs Winchester Hall

Source: WHAG
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Date Published: 10/30/2013

It was a packed room at Winchester Hall Wednesday night, but despite emotions running high it was quiet. The public was instructed to wave hands, and refrain from cheering and clapping to keep the meeting running in a timely manner. The Planning Commission has heard comments from hundreds who are against the Monrovia Town Center, including more than 1,500 houses, as well as commercial properties. “They want to take basically 1,500 new homes, carve it out from the farmland and dump it next to our community. It’s going to more than triple the size of our town,” said Steven McKay of Monrovia, the president of Residents Against Landsdale Expansion. Residents are pushing for the Planning Commission to say no when they make a recommendation to the Frederick County Board of Commissioners on November 20th. “I’m for sustainable growth, but not over development. Our roads can’t take the heavy traffic, there dangerous, now our schools are overcrowded,” said Monrovia Resident Stan Mordensky. Hundreds of residents echoed the same concerns, the local schools already over crowded and the roads in no condition for increased traffic.