New partners in county stream improvement

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 08/27/2013

John Smucker recently partnered with the Potomac Conservancy as part of a project to remove a fish barrier, an outmoded dam and control bank erosion in Tuscarora Creek. He planted 55 native hardwood trees along with cocoa matts. Brook Hill United Methodist Church helped complete the field and leg work. Ray Locke, coordinator of the Friends of Frederick County Clean Streams Initiative, is seeking to use similar techniques to improve the health of other streams in Frederick County. Frederick County has 20 different watersheds of which 11 are in poor condition. He is looking for groups to Adopt-A-Grid and install erosion stabilizers to improve water quality. Friends of Frederick County is organizing a Clean Streams Initiative, whereby individuals or groups can Adopt-A-Grid and monitor where a stream crosses a road. This will take two hours and be done twice a year, in October and March. A phone or Internet app will help report apparent pollution sources. For details, or to Adopt-a-Grid, visit the display in the lobby of the C. Burr Artz Public Library, 110 E. Patrick St., Frederick, visit or email