Officials look for legal guidance on outside pay for county executives

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Bethany Rodgers
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Date Published: 11/22/2013

State Sen. David Brinkley said he plans to ask for legal guidance on whether someone who owns a business, collects retirement benefits or earns other private income could serve as Frederick County executive. The Frederick County charter set to take effect next year stipulates that an executive cannot “participate in any private occupation for compensation,” and as election season heats up, some are wondering exactly what those words mean. After a meeting with Frederick County commissioners Thursday, Brinkley said he doesn’t think the charter writers meant that an executive can’t earn any income outside the $95,000 annual salary that comes with the office. “If it was interpreted in the broadest sense, no one would qualify,” Brinkley said. “Or at least, I wouldn’t want a person in there who has no dividends, interest, retirement or any type of income from any other source. That’s just unreasonable.” Brinkley began asking questions about the employment restrictions after hearing Commissioners President Blaine Young discuss the issue on his afternoon radio show. Young is considering a run for the county executive post in 2014, but wouldn’t relish sacrificing ownership of several businesses.