Positive impulse

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 04/10/2009

The battle continues between those who support the county’s investigation into waste-to-energy technology and those who advocate making recycling the focus of local solid waste management. Who is “right” isn’t clear, and may never be, regardless of who eventually prevails. However, whether local enthusiasts are correct or not in their assertions about recycling’s potential, the impetus behind this movement is generally a positive one. Rather than simply throwing money or technology at the county’s solid waste concerns, recycling proponents are instead trying to mobilize the local community to accept this challenge and get personally involved, resident by resident, in a solution that requires their active participation. There are other issues as well, including the cost, siting and operating concerns, and environmental and health worries associated with the proposed WTE facility, which would generate electricity while incinerating solid waste. The recycling/waste reduction program preferred by many in the community would avoid all these issues to some extent.