Praise for Citizens, Montevue

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Barbara Spencer
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Date Published: 05/25/2013

As a nurse for over 20 years, I have been associated with Montevue Assisted Living and Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center for over 10 years. I started in 2002 as a “relief” charge nurse as I was completing my nurse practitioner studies. This was my first experience with assisted living facility or long-term care for the geriatric population. I was impressed with the way staff and residents interacted — there was a real sense of community. In 2005, I encountered Citizens as a nurse practitioner working for a Medicare advantage program. I was the primary care provider for up to 70 residents. Again, I was impressed. Staff of all departments — nursing, housekeeping, dietary, therapy — seemed to treat the residents as they would their own family members. In fact, staff treated each other as family or a good neighbor. I was impressed with the longevity of the staff. I felt the same sense of loyalty and community as I had at Montevue several years earlier. Although not an employee, I was treated as a member of the community.