Ramifications of selling Montevue will hit its poorest residents

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Diane Grove
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Date Published: 03/22/2013

I was dismayed to learn that the residents at the Montevue Assisted Living Facility are being referred to as “a drain on taxpayers.” As a Frederick County native, taxpayer and a Frederick County employee, I cannot disagree more. Those seniors are members of our community who at one point in their lives were taxpayers themselves. Those so-called “drains” have been our friends, neighbors, co-workers, mailmen, nurses, doctors and caregivers. They have raised families and been productive citizens of what I once considered a warm, caring farming community. What has happened to us? I refuse to believe our community would allow Montevue to be sold to the private sector. Montevue is part of our heritage. The land was sold to the county with the intent of helping the impoverished and for no other purpose. We should embrace this concept, not shy away from it. It is not true that the needs of the residents of Montevue will be met once sold to the private sector.