Recycling expert advises against incinerator

Source: Gazette
Author: Molly Fellin Spence
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Date Published: 06/12/2008

As officials consider building an incinerator – or what people in the industry call “waste-to-energy facilities” because they burn trash to generate electricity – to deal with that crisis, an expert in waste diversion had some warnings. “The marketplace is smarter than all of us. Why hasn’t the marketplace built [a landfill] in over 20 years?” said Eric Lombardi, executive director of Eco-Cycle. “Until you answer that question, don’t write a big check because you’re the guinea pig.” As leader of Eco-Cycle, Lombardi is passionate about waste diversion as a clean and ethical way to deal with trash. Eco-Cycle volunteers brought recycling to Boulder in 1976, making it one of the first 20 communities in the U.S. to offer curbside recycling. It provides business recycling collection and drop-off centers as well as educational programs for regional schools. Eco-Cycle also operates the county-owned Boulder County Recycling Center. Lombardi advised a group of Frederick County and city officials and residents Monday that businesses, communities and government must work together to all decide what’s the best way to deal with waste.