Resident wants fair to recycle

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Meg Tully
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Date Published: 07/17/2008

The Great Frederick Fair attracts a lot of attention — and generates a lot of trash. One county woman hopes to focus that attention on where the trash goes by encouraging more recycling at the fair. Myersville resident Mary Posey wrote an e-mail to the fair organizers this week asking them to implement more recycling. And she’d like to see more recycling at all fairs and events throughout the county. She believes fairs can educate people about the county’s shrinking landfill space. The county is considering building a trash incinerator, an idea that Posey opposes. She would prefer more waste diversion and recycling. “I am very, very concerned a lot of people are not informed about the county’s waste crisis,” Posey said. Posey has lived in Frederick County since 1965 and has been going to the fair every year since 1966. In an e-mail, she suggested newspaper photographers should take pictures of mounds of trash generated at the fair every day.