Residents tout alternatives to burning trash in advance of public hearing

Source: Gazette
Author: Sherry Greenfield
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Date Published: 12/06/2007

For weeks, incinerator opponents have been encouraging residents to come out Tuesday to tell Frederick County commissioners to scrap the idea of building one here. “We’re out canvassing the area and going door to door,” said Janice Wiles, executive director of Friends of Frederick County, a group that promotes a better quality of life. ”We’ve already got several businesses on board.” The group has distributed postcards to businesses in downtown Frederick asking residents to come out to Tuesday night’s public hearing and voice support to increase recycling instead of spending money to build an incinerator. “It is critical that Frederick County residents show up in force to urge our elected leaders that we must examine other options for disposing of our trash before we move forward,” said Alane Hartley, cofounder of the Waste Study Group and a member of Friends of Frederick County. “Local taxpayers have a right to demand more transparency in a process that could potentially create more debt and pollute the air our children breathe.”