Returning to the subject of boycotts

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 07/15/2013

Our editorial questioning the boycott against businesses who advertise on Commissioner President Blaine Young’s radio show got our readers’ attention. Even across the Independence Day weekend, when other editorials drew online clicks in the double-digits, “Calls for local boycotts ill-advised” netted over 1,100 unique hits (the most we had on any editorial since we launched our redesigned website on April 11) and 121 comments (another record). Clearly, we provoked a strong reaction. Some of the criticism was directed at us. “FNP you have lost your mind,” said alovelyplace, and in another comment, “I’m sorry for the FNP’s downslide several notches on the respectability scale.” stated. “This editorial is nuts” said formerfcps. “This is the most ignorant editorial from the FNP I have ever seen,” said runningaddict414. “Did the brains take the day off?” “This editorial is laughable,” bukweet commented. Woof. Some stiff criticism there.