Senior citizens will suffer if county sells assisted-living center

Source: Gazette
Author: Diane Grove
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Date Published: 03/28/2013

I am both outraged and saddened to hear that the residents at Montevue are being referred to as “a drain on taxpayers.” As a native of Frederick County, taxpayer, and a current Frederick County employee, I couldn’t disagree more! These seniors are members of our community who, at one point in their lives, were taxpayers themselves. These so-called “drains” have been our friends, neighbors, co-workers, mailmen, nurses, doctors, and caregivers (just to name a few). They are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. They have spent their lives working hard raising their families and being productive citizens of what I used to consider a warm, caring farming community, a community that took pride in itself for taking care of its own. What has happened to us?