Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 02/05/2012

If we thought for a minute that a highway sign that read “Welcome to Frederick County. Open for Business” would actually create a single job or prompt a business to expand or relocate here — then that would be one thing. But the reality is that the only work created by a sign like this is for the county employee who painted the political slogan on it. We say “political,” because that’s exactly what this is all about. Here is the latest spat involving Commissioners President Blaine Young: The commissioner is upset with the Maryland State Highway Administration because it won’t allow three words — “Open for Business” — on signs posted along major roadways, such as U.S. 15, U.S. 340, I-70 and I-270. The fact that it’s just three words isn’t the point, nor the fact that the words are “open for business.” Instead, the real irony is that this is really nothing more than a campaign slogan being painted on a taxpayer-funded sign.