State WTE legislation is moving too fast

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 04/11/2011

The state is supporting the concept of waste-to-energy incinerators with high-power support from Gov. Martin O’Malley, leading lawmakers and the Maryland Energy Administration for incentives to build the plants. The deal is this: Last week, in the closing days of the Annapolis session, which will end at midnight Monday for another year, lawmakers floated the idea of creating incentives for waste-to-energy plants. We’re not sure where the idea came from, nor the motivation behind it. However, the energy administration has said the trash-burning facilities will help Maryland reach its 20 percent goal for renewable energy sources. The legislation will add waste to energy into the same “tier 1” category as wind, geothermal or solar plants, allowing the facilities to sell renewable energy credits at a more preferential price. That’s the incentive. The state already has three waste-to-energy plants, the closest to us at Dickerson in Montgomery County. The fourth, controversially, is Frederick County’s, which will burn waste from Frederick and Carroll counties. How this will play out for incinerator opponents and Frederick County’s project will be interesting to watch.