The rest of the waste-to-energy story

Source: Gazette
Author: Jim Racheff
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Date Published: 10/23/2008

As a resident of Frederick County who has followed the debate over waste-to-energy closely, I read Carroll County Commissioner Michael Zimmer’s letter of Oct. 16 (“Incinerator discussion is good, but let’s stick to the facts”) with great interest. While I agree with Mr. Zimmer’s factual assertions, I feel that his letter neglected “the rest of the story.” Mr. Zimmer rightly compares the 1,500-ton-per-day capacity of the proposed regional waste-to-energy incinerator to a car speedometer: “It will tell you how fast the car can go, not how fast you should drive it.” I can’t speak for Mr. Zimmer, but I frequently see people exceeding the posted speed limits. Even after several years of waste-to-energy discussion, I have yet to hear how our elected officials plan to limit future officials from importing waste from other jurisdictions, or keep materials that are better recycled from becoming a waste-to-energy fuel-source.