Thinking all about me

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Jan Daffern
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Date Published: 05/20/2012

I am a pastor and a mental health professional, but I am writing as a taxpayer. When I heard that the Board of County Commissioners had voted to send property owners a $100 refund, my response was, “I want all of my money back.” Our commissioners tell us regularly that we are abused as taxpayers, and I am starting to believe that message. Maybe this citizenship business really is all about me. I believe a lot of people agree with me and long to be liberated from the burden of supporting programs and services we don’t understand, don’t personally choose and don’t use. How could I have missed this point for so long? As citizens of Frederick County, we should be trusted to put our fair share into the specific projects we are passionate about. For me, they are public education, services for the vulnerable, children, the physically and mentally disabled, the elderly and the poor. I want more than a percentage of my tax dollars going to these programs; I want all of my tax dollars going to them and I want to write the checks myself. When I say public education, remember it is all about me, so I mean Frederick and Linganore high schools and their feeder schools — because that’s where my kids went. The rest of Frederick County citizens can take care of their own kids. My family had great teachers who are truly deserving of my money.