Three facts about incinerator

Source: Gazette
Author: Kate Bailey
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Date Published: 09/04/2008
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I would like to call your attention to three simple facts that stand out about waste incineration in the United States. First, no new incinerator has been built since 1995. That’s 13 years, and dozens of communities that have said no to incineration due to environmental and financial liabilities. There are also numerous communities that have shuttered their incinerators over the past decade in favor of other alternatives. The actions of these communities speak volumes about the viability of incineration. Second, the financial liabilities of an incinerator are unparalleled by any other discard management system. These liabilities will extend far beyond the term of this board of commissioners and contain a host of variables that create a higher risk for present and future taxpayers. No commissioner wishes to leave a legacy of debt obligation and financial uncertainty. Third, the Frederick community has and continues to speak out against incineration.