Violating the Open Meetings Act is no laughing matter

Source: Frederick News Post
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Date Published: 08/24/13

When is a quorum, not a quorum? Don’t waste your time asking Frederick County Commissioner Kirby Delauter that question. Judging by his reaction of last week’s unfavorable opinion by the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board he’s “not going to lose any sleep on it.” Not to be outdone, Commissioner Billy Shreve told Frederick News-Post reporter Bethany Rodgers, after learning about the ruling, that the compliance board’s decision won’t change his approach to talking about county issues. What we find troubling is that it’s this kind of arrogance and disrespect for government transparency that continues to be the hallmark of the majority of this current board of commissioners. In case you missed it, the Maryland Open Meetings Compliance Board ruled last week that three commissioners, including Delauter and Shreve, violated the state’s Open Meetings Act when they talked about the pending sale of two county-owned facilities on a local radio program on June 15.