Wal-Mart, zoning and blight among topics pondered by city officials

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Ed Waters Jr.
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Date Published: 06/15/2013

ssues ranging from a proposed downtown hotel to a Wal-Mart on the Golden Mile were informally discussed Friday by Frederick’s mayor and aldermen at a meeting with the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce. “If the same plan came in without the Wal-Mart name, people would support it,” said Alderwoman Shelley Aloi of a proposal to put the big-box store at the former Frederick Towne Mall site on the west side of the city. “It is not our decision to say who goes into a property, it is up to the property owner and the market,” Aloi said. “Is the best use for the property residential? No. There is already dense residential use in that area.” Alderman Michael O’Connor and others moved to dispel the notion that all businesses on the Golden Mile stretch of U.S. 40 are hurting.”Just go out there and see the traffic and the businesses,” O’Connor said.