“Waste-to-Energy” = a risky waste of energy, resources and money (part 3)

Source: Frederick Politics
Author: Kai Hagen
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Date Published: 09/24/2008

There is more to evaluate and compare, of course. But, for now, I’ll end with a very heartfelt word of encouragement that the county commissioners genuinely consider the subjective, but real, value of alternatives that preserve our flexibility. We risk more than some seem to appreciate by selecting a path that heads backwards, and fails to account for the rapid changes – even major paradigm shifts – we are seeing in the world around us today. We can be the last community – or one of the last – in the entire country to choose Waste-to-Energy incineration, permanently converting limited resources to ash (because our plan does not include only incinerating what can not be recycled or composted). Or we can show real leadership, and become one of a growing number of communities that will serve as working models of a better, more flexible and adaptable, more environmentally-friendly, and less economically-risky path.