Who benefits?

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Kathy Rossen
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Date Published: 06/29/2011

The privatization report delivered to the Frederick Board of County Commissioners from Georgia consultant PPP supposedly outlines how to save substantial money. However, the report does not include any examples of an existing government undertaking such a large privatization project. Only newly incorporated towns with no existing government services had attempted this before, with questionable results. Five cities contracted with PPP, which appears to be closely allied with CH2MHill, to provide new government services through private contracts. Most of those cities did not renew PPP contracts because of cost. The cities found that some, if not all, services could be provided cheaper in-house or elsewhere. This BoCC has continuously stated that they intend to run Frederick County as a business. While that sounds great on the surface, the reality is that government and business are fundamentally different. A business exists to make a profit, and government exists to serve its citizens.