WTE not as advertised

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Austin Twigg
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Date Published: 09/21/2011
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Waste-to-energy is a misleading term used by incineration companies to disguise and promote their environmentally destructive and resource-wasting technologies, and to circumvent statutory restrictions on incineration. Incineration is a waste treatment technology that involves burning commercial, residential and hazardous waste. It converts discarded materials, including paper, plastics, metals and food scraps into bottom ash, fly ash, combustion gases, air pollutants, wastewater, wastewater treatment sludge and heat. In recent years, the incinerator industry has tried to expand its sector by marketing their facilities as “waste to energy,” using misleading claims of “reducing climate pollution” and being a “clean energy source.” It is a myth that burning trash is a source of renewable energy.