Young's double standard

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Jan Samet O'Leary
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Date Published: 05/18/2012

Commissioners President Blaine Young contradicts his own argument in his May 11 commentary regarding the cuts in grants to certain Frederick County nonprofits. He says that “if a nonprofit provides a service that otherwise would be a part of the traditional range of services … then I believe an appropriate level of government funding is appropriate …” He then adduces the 10-plus percent of the non-Board of Education budget that is directed toward “grants-in-aid” programs, which he calls “community support,” and lists a number of programs that receive such aid. Evidently these fall within his notion of “traditional” services; otherwise, why suggest that support for them is acceptable? I fail to see how the missions and services of the organizations whose grants have been cut, and are in peril of being reduced to zero next year, differ in any meaningful way from the agencies that continue to receive county support. Is the work of the Mental Health Association, the Boys and Girls Clubs, Heartly House, the Alzheimer’s Association, the ARC of Frederick County, Advocates for Homeless Families, and the American Red Cross (just a few of the organizations to be cut) so different from that of the Child Advocacy Center, the Scott Key Center, our county senior centers, the Office for Children and Families, the Housing Department, and others that Young favors? C’mon, Blaine, you can’t have it both ways.