Young sounds off in emails: Spars with alderman over taxi-rate hikes

Source: Frederick News Post
Author: Courtney Pomeroy and Patti S. Borda
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Date Published: 06/15/2012

A string of emails from Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young, as taxi business owner, to Frederick city aldermen struck some of them as disrespectful and ineffective. “Oh, what a nasty email train,” Alderwoman Karen Young said. “The tone of his correspondence was just so inappropriate. I had to restrain myself from responding.” Blaine Young is a co-owner of Yellow Cab and sent emails from a cab company email address to the mayor and Board of Aldermen after they voted June 7 to raise taxicab fares from $1.60 to $1.90 per mile. He did not attend the public hearing on the matter, but said in his email that the city should have no control over taxi rates. “I did not come on purpose and I should not watched the meeting because all it did was piss me off with all the miss information (sic) with the taxi cab industry,” he wrote June 8. “(W)hy are you involved in setting taxi cab rates?” he wrote. “You do not set the price of a hamburger, a loaf of bread, the price of milk. … No government money is involved in our business.” He questioned the aldermen’s business experience. “Get your nose out of the taxi cab business and that include (sic) the number of permits,” he wrote.